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ITF Belgium

ITF Belgium - History



ITF-Belgium exists since december 1990.

   Member of ITF and AETF since 1990.

   Pioneer : Master Frank Vanberghen.


  In 1979 Mr. Frank Vanberghen starte with ITF Taekwon-Do in Germany, since he  was living there for his job.

  In Belgium, he had already practised Shotokan Karate during 6 years.

  In 1990, he became 4° degree black belt.

 During a seminar with General Choi Hong Hi, also in 1990, the father of Taekwon-Do asked Mr. Vanberghen personally to start a federation in Belgium.

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And so ITF-Belgium was born. First with one school in Ghent, Juche, but soon there came other clubs.




Our pioneer stayed president of the federation until december 2000.

 Already in 1992, a Belgian team participated at the World Championships in North-Korea.




In October 2004, Frank Vanberghen became Master VII°degree, the first Master for ITF-Belgium



 He was promoted to Senior Master 8th degree in November 2010.



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